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I want to be your love song.

Well stayed at amandas house this weekend. Fun. Went to tabers party friday night. it was fun at first but then all hell broke loose. it was real scary. his brother got knocked out he got punched and his other brother got slammed on the ground. Like everyone ganged up on them and it was pretty messed up. So we left and me and cara and chad went over to anthonys. Got home at 6.

Saturday was a pretty chill day. watched a couple flicks &slept the whole day. then we cleaned up a bit. went to cicis. i had 7 pieces of pizza i was pretty phsyched. went over to this party in sky lakes but it was pretty fuckin gay so we left. went to some kid yons house. there was some fuckin girls on E it was kinda crazy. left there and just went back to amandas. went to bed after a lil.

Sunday drove kory up to the lighthouse and b cay home. came home amanda did her hw. went out to dinner. that was a joy ride. came to my house. watched desperate housewives. tried to pull an all nighter amanda succeeded i didnt. I went to bed at like 3:30. I was damn tired this morning. Cara picked us up and we went to mcdonalds. Mmm sweet love.

Today came home about 11. Went to bed and like just woke up at 7:30. It was some kinda crazy. Well no more to say going to eat. Update later.
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Give me 100 comments in this entry. I dont care what you have to say, it can be anonymous, it can be stupid, it can be funny, Pictures, lyrics, promote, the word SPAM over and over. Feel free to tell me something about yourself, or screen your comments.

Okay, so I realize 100 is kind of a big number so just spam away and we'll see where we get up to. Please entertain me!
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Friends Only.

My journal is Friends Only Bitches. Because i want to at least have a clue as to who is reading my journal. i mean i might write something personal about myself or someone else and i dont want everyone to read it if ya know what i mean.

Please comment & add me first. I know that might sound dumb but i mean this is the whole point of having Friends Only. I just dont like it when people just add me without me knowing. Sometimes i might not even know you added me if you dont comment if you get what im saying. So i mean its nothing big just comment & add me first.
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